HEY BEARS! Due to Covid-19 I'm having to cancel all bookings at the moment. When I'm back up and running I'll send an email out.

Stay healthy! Stay safe!



A Bear's Touch believes that the elimination of stress and tension is critical for the improvement and maintenance of overall well-being. I work to improve the quality of life through physical and mental rejuvenation that boosts one’s self-esteem and their overall balance of health. Treatments are designed to satisfy the whole body, for which I am highly trained in the field of massage therapy and esthetics, as well as a full range of body therapies.


My on-going goal is to exceed the expectations of my individual, group and corporate clientele with hands-on professional service.


  • A Bear's Touch offers personalized spa and massage services.

  • Training was through the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Massage specialties include Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Tui Na along with others. I am continually growing and expanding upon my knowledge base.

  • I specialize in bodywork for people with larger frames but do not deny services based on your size. I encourage an environment for all body types to be welcome and comfortable.

  • All precautionary measures are followed to ensure a safe and clean working environment.

  • I will not interfere with the ongoing treatment of another licensed health care provider and will abstain from providing medical advice or diagnosis pertaining to your health or medications.

  • I will always encourage my clients to continue their personal growth outside of my practice.

  • I will treat my clients with the utmost respect and honor.

  • Client information and services rendered are confidential and will not be shared with others. We follow the rules according to HIPAA.

  • I will educate my clients on the services I am providing them and answer any questions they may have to the best of my abilities.

  • I respect all clients regardless of their age, gender, race, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, political affiliation, body type, state of health, or personal habits.


Client agrees to the following terms.

  • Clients will shower or bathe before a treatment in order for me to provide you the best service possible. You may reapply lotion or deodorant if you wish, this will not affect treatments. Please refrain from the use of colognes or perfumes, or other heavily scented products.

  • If you need to cancel an appointment, please do so 24 hours before your treatment. 

  • If you are late your session will be shortened the amount of time you missed. 

  • There is no use of cell phones during table work, but is okay during other treatments.

  • There is no smoking allowed. The use of drugs and alcohol is prohibited. Patients displaying signs of intoxication cannot receive treatment.

  • Please do not eat a meal one hour before the massage. Water and liquids are okay for consumption.

  • All patients must be 18+. 

  • I’m available generally to receive calls from 9am-4pm, Monday-Friday. If I am in session, please leave me a message and I will call you back as soon as I can. Text messaging is preferred.

  • Appointments can be made via our website up to 24 hours in advance without having to call or text.

  • If necessary, I may provide you with a reference to another practitioner if your needs fall outside of my scope of practice.